The most preventable struggles I come into contact with are, without a doubt, Self-Esteem, Identity, and Substance Abuse or Addiction.

These obstacles present themselves on all socio-economic levels, across all ages, and in what often seems or feels like a healthy family environment. It is no one's fault, there is no one to blame, sometimes it is just the way things work out. 

However; if we notice our family, partners, other loved ones, and especially our children struggle - and we take a passive stance, we are acting irresponsibly. I have a saying for this behaviour: "Our heads in the sand can kill our children..." 

Therefor an approach of preventative education can mitigate or avoid the risk of misunderstanding and emotional pain, which often ends in self-destructive behaviour. 

It is to this end that I do talks, present lectures and facilitate group workshops and discussions to assist our loved ones in identifying the obstacles and risks they are sure to encounter at various stages of their lives.

I conduct these workshops and lectures at schools, clinics, and youth programs, or in smaller focus groups at my practice in Church Street, Stellenbosch.

For more information on preventative education, please refer to the CONNECT page on this web site.